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Graham Calls on U.S. Military to Target Gadhafi

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“I think it’s very possible that al-Qaida could come in and take advantage of a stalemated situation. But right now, it’s not al-Qaida that motivated this, and it’s not al-Qaida that’s running it,” he said, adding what may have been a dig at President Barack Obama, his opponent in the 2008 presidential contest. “I really fear a stalemate. I hope that Gadhafi goes. I hope that there’s that kind of overthrow from within. But hope is not a strategy.”

Lieberman agreed with the Republicans that “Gadhafi and his family and everybody else near him wakes up every day thinking it is their last.” But he said that a decision to target the Libyan leader directly should be left to the United Nations. He noted, however, his belief that the current U.N. resolution could be interpreted as authorizing such a move.

“Whether we directly target Gadhafi personally, as John McCain said earlier, it’s not easy to do that. But it is possible. And I’d leave that decision to NATO,” he said.

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