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GOP Senators Pressure Reid Over WH Recess Picks

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

“This Senate has always been the place — whether it was a Democratic Senate arguing about the appropriateness of President Bush using war powers, this Senate has always been the place that has insisted upon checks and balances and the liberty of the people as guaranteed by those checks and balances,” Alexander said. “The president’s recent actions have shown disregard for possibly the best known and possibly most important role of the Senate, and that is its power of advice and consent of executive and judicial nominations as outlined in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution.”

Reid has repeatedly said he agreed with Obama’s move. He has said that Republicans left the president no other choice because they held up Cordray’s nomination over their dislike of how the law set up the CFPB, something Democrats argue was unprecedented. Democrats also said that the appointments to the NLRB, also an agency Republicans are not fond of, were needed for the agency to have a quorum and conduct business.

“It’s a constitutional right the president has,” Reid said at a news conference last week. “They were basically giving the president no nominations. For example, they don’t like a law we passed, so they are not going to have any people to fill the [top] position to make that law effective.”

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