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GOP Blocks Senate Small-Business Tax Cut Bill

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

Reid later Wednesday proposed a vote on both tax proposals, but only after a vote on the Democrats’ small-business tax bill and a House-passed small-business tax bill.

McConnell objected to the request citing the fact that they first want to see the Democrats’ version of Obama’s plan in writing.

“Everyone knew yesterday what’s in our bill,” Reid continued, adding that it would focus on extending the income tax rates.

Democrats also said they want to keep the debate on taxes going because they believe they have a good message.

“We will be happy to spend the next couple of weeks telling the public about the president’s proposal to cut middle-class taxes and the Senate Republicans’ proposal,” said. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), which he said leaves out extensions of certain tax breaks for the middle class.

“The more people that hear the difference between the two, the more they side with ours,” said Schumer, who heads the Senate Democrats’ policy and communications arm.

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