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GOP and Energy: It's Time for the Tail to Stop Wagging the Dog | Commentary

We agree with leading Republicans who have said we donít need to be the ďanti-scienceĒ party. Itís bad policy, and, as numerous public polls have shown, itís also bad politics.

When it comes to where many Republicans on the Hill are when compared to where actual Republican voters are on the question of energy solutions it is clear that the tail is the wagging the dog ó and for the future of our party, the country and our planet that must change.

The organization I lead ó Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions ó is made up of right-of-center Americans who believe the GOP can and should lead on energy.

We believe America can lead the world in developing comprehensive and responsible energy solutions that can reduce pollution, improve public health, secure our energy future and grow our economy.

We believe strongly that we will not find a way forward until Republicans and Democrats work to find common-sense solutions. As Americans, we know our country works best when we work together.

Rank-and-file Republicans like myself care about our environment and recognize the importance of finding clean energy solutions.

While some in Washington may choose to play politics with energy issues in the weeks and months ahead, we sincerely hope that men and women of good faith will veer from that script and commit to working together.

James Dozier is the executive director of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions.

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