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Finally, Good News for Some Federal Employees

A. The sequester, by design, was an odious option that no one wanted. ... And the cutbacks associated with the sequester are hurting hardworking feds in several ways: Many feds make modest salaries and live paycheck to paycheck. Plus, the majority of feds live and work in large cities where the cost of living is high. Therefore, the cumulative impacts of repeated salary freezes (which also impact retirement income) and unpaid furloughs will pose a large financial burden.

That said, my personal experience as a fed suggests that most feds are admirably keeping their shoulders to the wheel, diligently working as hard as they always do — mindful of the political budget battles but undistracted and undeterred from their work at hand.

Q. What is the best advice you would give someone who wants to work in government?

A. Focus on your résumé and interview. Craft your résumé’s job summaries as quick-read bulleted lists of achievements that parallel your target job’s demands. Include validation of your success, such as promotions, performance reviews, verbal and written praise and evaluations of events you organized. Prepare for interviews by researching your interviewer(s) and target organization, producing achievement-oriented answers to likely questions.

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