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Fight for Senate Control Down to Five States

With six weeks to go, the fight for control of the Senate is down to five states, four of them currently held by Democrats.

Democrat Hoops It Up in New TV Ad (Video)

Freshman Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., released a new television ad Tuesday revisiting a familiar theme in her media campaign: basketball.

Rock the Vote — Where 'Kimye' and Politics Collide

Keeping up with the latest Kardashian gossip and knowing the difference between the names on your ballot arenít mutually exclusive.

Republicans to Obama: Show Us How You'll Change Immigration Law

President Barack Obama has said he wonít make sweeping changes to immigration policy until after the midterm elections in order to protect vulnerable Democrats in tight races, but House Republicans donít want to wait to see what the president has up his sleeve.

McConnell Asks Medicare to Help Detect Lung Cancer in Smokers

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants Medicare to do more for early detection of lung cancer, a particularly pronounced issue in Kentucky.

Mary Landrieu to Keg-Stand Critics: 'Get a Life'

BATON ROUGE, La. ó In the shadow of the state Capitol on Monday, Sen. Mary L. Landrieu had a message for any Republican critics of her decision Saturday to help a Louisiana State University football fan perform a keg stand as she campaigned across campus.

GOP Mixes, (Briefly) Mingles With Log Cabin Republicans

Not even the lure of spending some quality time with a Cheney could compel congressional Republicans to hang around the Log Cabin Republicanís Spirit of Lincoln dinner in D.C. for longer than it takes to watch an episode of ďModern Family.Ē

How Much Will the War Against ISIS Cost? It Depends.

The ISIS war might cost U.S. taxpayers tens of billions. Or it might not. At this point, the White House still isnít releasing an approximate figure.

Before Approving ISIS War, Menendez Wants Intelligence Briefing (Video)

The senator leading a push to authorize the war against ISIS after the elections wants an intelligence briefing first, so lawmakers know the full extent of the covert operations already under way.

Internal Poll: Democrat Holds Slight Lead in California House Contest

A new Democratic poll showed freshman Rep. Ami Bera, D-Calif., with a slim lead over former Rep. Doug Ose, R-Calif., in the race for his Sacramento-based district.

Voters, Tigers and Beers — Oh My!

BATON ROUGE, La. ó Six weeks from Election Day, Sen. Mary L. Landrieu gathered the troops on the Louisiana State University campus, where tens of thousands of football fans and prospective voters congregated for hours ahead of the Saturday night game.

Pushing for Minimum Wage Boost, Nader Decries Vacationing Congress

Between Aug. 1 and Nov. 12, the House will have only been in session for eight days ó translating to a $788 per hour wage for Speaker John A. Boehner.

Artists Aim to Halt Political Pigeonholing

Democrats vs. Republicans. Red vs. Blue. Us vs. Them.

Obama Won't Withdraw Boggs Nomination (Updated)

Updated 4:20 p.m. | President Barack Obama still supports the nomination of Michael P. Boggs for a federal judgeship in Georgia, even though Sen. Patrick J. Leahy told The New York Times there arenít enough votes for confirmation.

Barbara Boxer Blasts NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's News Conference in New Letter (Video)

Sen. Barbara Boxer is making a personal appeal to the new National Football League executive in charge of government affairs, calling for more action to address domestic violence.

Congress Headed for the Hustings | Capitol Quip

On track to be the least productive Congress in modern times, members made short work of their September legislative agenda and headed back to the hustings in full campaign mode. That brings us to this weekís Capitol Quip captioning contest.

Flying Solo on Capitol Quip

Thanks to the many readers who contributed captions for last weekís Capitol Quip contest. Hereís the winning entry, as voted by readers of Heard on the Hill.

The Oklahoma Guide to Getting Along

OKLAHOMA CITY ó This is a state that knows what itís like to recover from a disaster.

New Ad: DSCC Attacks Cory Gardner on Birth Control

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will air a new ad Monday in Colorado attacking GOP Rep. Cory Gardner on birth control.

113th Congress Could Yield Fewest Laws in 60 Years

Say this about the 113th Congress: Itís managed to live down to low expectations.




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