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Farm Team Archive

Georgia Farm Team Stacked With Carters

Thursday’s installment of Roll Call’s Farm Team tackled the long list of up-and-coming politicians in Georgia who are either running for Congress this cycle or who may do so down the line.

Republicans Line Up for Open Seats in Georgia | Farm Team

For the first time in recent memory, four congressional seats in Georgia are open at the same time, providing ample opportunity for the Peach State’s farm team of up-and-coming state legislators to unleash their ambitions.

The Next Allen West Is ... #FL18

Republicans are lining up to challenge freshman Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Fla., a top GOP target in 2014.

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Florida Republicans Seek the Next Marco Rubio | Farm Team

The Florida Republican Party is flourishing, with a deep bench available for the next competitive or open-seat race. But the local party’s primary concern is protecting its 17-to-10 edge in the House delegation.

Bill Nelson Mulls Bid for Florida Governor

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., is considering a bid against GOP Gov. Rick Scott in 2014.

Chaos and Opportunity Ahead for Florida Democrats | Farm Team

For Florida Democrats, 2014 represents the calm before the political storm of the century.

Delaware: The Return of Christine O'Donnell?

In 2010, Christine O’Donnell famously defeated then-Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., in the GOP Senate primary — then lost the general election to now-Sen. Chris Coons, a Democrat. (See “I’m not a witch… I’m you.”)

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Farm Team: Delaware Democrats Still Waiting on Their Beau

State Attorney General Beau Biden remains the center of political speculation in the First State.

Farm Team: Democrats to Dominate Connecticut in Near Future

After years of tumult and turnover, Connecticut’s congressional delegation has settled into Democratic homeostasis.

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Farm Team: In Colorado, Ambitious Democrats Hit New Ceiling

Democratic control of Colorado’s governor’s mansion and two Senate seats is a bragging point for the national party, but it makes for a high-class problem for downballot Democrats hoping to move up the political ladder: They have no where to go.

Farm Team: Embattled California GOP Eyes House Opportunities

Running for newly competitive House seats is suddenly the most attractive option for California Republicans, who are confined to a superminority in the legislature and have virtually no chance of winning statewide.

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Farm Team: Many Democrats Size Up Increasingly Tempting House Seats in California

A confluence of events made 2012 the time to strike for ambitious California Democrats considering a bid for Congress, but a new wave of party talent should find open avenues to Capitol Hill in the next few years.

Farm Team: Arkansas Has Deep Democratic Bench but Few Opportunities

Once a bastion of Southern Democrats, the Razorback State has cut sharply against the party in recent years.

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Farm Team: Arizona Raises Drama, Candidates

There are two certainties in Arizona politics: churn and drama.

Farm Team: Absence of Opportunity Means Long Alaska Pipeline

Its state capital is the second farthest from Capitol Hill, but there are plenty of ambitious politicians ready to jump at the chance for federal office in Alaska.

Farm Team: Long Line Forming for GOP Hopefuls Looking to Move Up in Alabama

Looking to run for office as a Republican in Alabama? Get in line.




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