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Vote on Lynch Nomination Possible--With a Big 'If'

Loretta Lynch’s bid to be the next attorney general remains mired in Senate politics, but Republicans offered a proposal Tuesday that could lift a major hurdle to a floor vote on her nomination.

Democratic Candidates Are Ready for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy for president became official Sunday, but Democrats already see the down-ballot benefits she brings as the presumptive nominee.

Where Graham Sees Room for a Fourth GOP Senator in White House Field

The GOP presidential field is now, officially, thicker with senators than at any time in the past two decades. All three with declared candidacies have viable paths to the nomination — underscoring the bewilderment about why a fourth Senate Republican, who would be among the longest of long shots, is considering joining the hunt.

Iowa Will Not Be Ignored

Whether courting home-schoolers or kicking it live with hog castrators (the new hockey moms?), would-be POTUSes have had it beaten into their skulls that the road to victory begins in Iowa.

Life as Jon Tester's Executive Assistant

With 14 fingers between them, there’s never a shortage of joke material for Montana Sen. Jon Tester and his executive assistant, Luke Jackson: catching, texting, meat grinders.

Lawmaker's One Elevator Rule: Pee Before You Get On

The 114th: CQ Roll Call’s Guide to the New Congress

Rubio, Menendez Quickly Out of the Gate Against Cuba Policy Changes (Video)

Not long after the White House announced the president’s intent to remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, Sen. Marco Rubio was out with video responses in English and Spanish decrying the much-anticipated move.

Rep. John Carney Is #AllAboutThatBasin

The hit Meghan Trainor song “All About That Bass” is, depending on whom you ask, either a feminist rallying cry in praise of unconventional body types or an exploitative dirge objectifying women’s derrières. And now Rep. John Carney, D-Del., might be forever linked to it.

A Busy and Bipartisan Tuesday

For all the talk of the death of bipartisanship, Tuesday’s busy legislative day in the Senate provided quite the counter-argument.

Top House Democrats Warming to Senate's Iran Bill

The top two House Democrats are warming to the Iran legislation that will likely come to their chamber floor if it passes the Senate.

Appropriations Markup Puts GOP in Tough Position Of Balancing Defense, Veterans Spending

The Military Construction and Veterans Affairs bill House appropriators planned to mark up Wednesday clearly illustrates the dilemma of Republican congressional leaders this year in trying to hold the line or reduce spending while not shortchanging their most sacrosanct areas of government — national defense and the care of veterans.

Possible Primary Brewing in Michigan's 1st District

It’s not just Democrats considering a challenge to Michigan Rep. Dan Benishek, who plans to run for a fourth term after pledging to serve only three.

Walter Isaacson to Speak at Next Bipartisan Senate Lunch

It is time again for the Senate to get together for a bipartisan lunch.

Unanimous Foreign Relations Vote Puts Iran Bill on Warpspeed

In the end, it was unanimous.

Democrats Rebut McConnell's Message to States on EPA

A group of Democratic caucus members in the Senate has asked governors to consider the views of other Kentuckians before taking Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s advice on implementing the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan.

Corker: White House 'Spinning' on Iran Switcheroo (Audio)

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker said the White House’s about-face on his Iran legislation is likely because they were about to lose.

Boehner Adds 2 Rules Republicans — Not the Ones He Booted

Remember when two Florida Republican representatives voted against John A. Boehner for speaker and got themselves removed from the House Rules Committee?

Watch Live: Senate Committee Debates Iran Nuclear Framework

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee meets Tuesday to mark up Sen. Bob Corker’s legislation creating a 60-day congressional review period of any nuclear agreement reached between Iran, the United States and five other countries.

Key Lime Pastry Pops Up at Ted’s Bulletin

Capitol Hill’s home for reimagined snack treats has flipped the script on a Sunshine State staple, (Just in time for Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential run? Hmm.) whipping up a house-made goodie accented with fruity key lime, crumbly graham cracker and fluffy whipped cream.

Boehner: Corker Bill to Move Before Iran Deal Finalized (Video)

As the Senate prepares to take up legislation that would let Congress reject a nuclear agreement with Iran, Speaker John A. Boehner reaffirmed Tuesday he’s waiting for that bill with open arms.




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