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Baltimore Riots Change Senate Race Conversation

The nascent Maryland Senate race will likely take on a new focus, as the stateís largest city works to heal its wounds following the death of a young black man in police custody and the sometimes violent expressions of anger that followed.

McCain Sets Stage for Fight Over Drones

Sen. John McCain is planning to shift the CIAís secretive drone program to the Defense Department through the National Defense Authorization Act, setting the stage for a fight later this year with Senate Intelligence leaders and making him an unlikely ally of President Barack Obama.

Long Odds for Congressional Action on Policing

Itís the fourth high-profile episode in less than a year in which police have been involved in the death of a black man under questionable circumstances ó this time in Baltimore, a short drive north of Washington, D.C.

Senate Democrats Warn GOP on Appropriations (Video)

Even before GOP lawmakers filed a budget resolution conference report, Senate Democratic Conference Chairman Charles E. Schumer put down a marker.

On Baltimore, Race, and Policing: No Easy Answers for Hoyer

Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyerís weekly pen-and-pad Tuesday was a case study for politicians looking to say something about the riots in Baltimore while also saying, largely, nothing.

Iran Bill Sponsors Face Down Amendments

As senators look to start processing amendments to the bipartisan bill ensuring congressional review of an Iran nuclear deal, the billís level of support has reached a magic number of sorts.

McCarthy Defends First 100 Days, Previews What's Ahead

In the second reportersí briefing of his majority leader career, California Republican Kevin McCarthy offered a strong defense of the House GOPís record in the first 100 days of the 114th Congress.

Obama Condemns Baltimore Riots, Urges Political Action

President Barack Obama on Tuesday condemned rioters in Baltimore as criminals, but urged a broader political mobilization to improve urban communities where poverty, drugs, a lack of education and a lack of fathers lead to a combustible mix.

Clothier Resurrects 'Pro-Life' Photo-Hunt Challenge

Camera-shy politicians, beware! The American Life League has tasked its social media-savviest supporters with seeking out high-ranking, reproductive rights-minded members of Congress for selfie-centric advocacy during National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week.

Paul Strauss Snags New Recruits for Statehood Push

The celebrities who flooded into town for the White House Correspondentsí Association Dinner have since dissipated. But their influence on the D.C. statehood front keeps building via the trickle of support D.C. shadow Sen. Paul Strauss is patiently collecting.

Senators Urge Action on FBI's Use of Faulty Forensic Evidence

A group of Democratic senators on Tuesday urged action from the Justice Department and the FBI in response to a recent FBI study showing erroneous and invalid testimony in 96 percent of cases analyzed involving microscopic hair analysis.

Durbin: 'Tax and Spend' for Medical Research

Sen. Richard J. Durbin returned to his alma mater Monday evening for a lecture that lived up to its name.

House Playing Field Is Small, but Can Change

With a year and a half to go before the 2016 elections, the House playing field is too small for Democrats to retake the majority. But there is time for the cycle to develop in favor of down-ballot Democratic candidates and for the number of competitive seats to grow.

Watch: Senate Judiciary Hearing on Homeland Security Oversight

The Senate Judiciary Committee holds an oversight hearing for the Department of Homeland Security with DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. Coverage begins at 10 a.m.

The Steve Scalise Comeback Tour

When Majority Whip Steve Scalise walked to the floor on Feb. 27 for the vote on a three-week continuing resolution for the Department of Homeland Security, he knew it was going to fail.

Early Votes Reveal Positioning for 'Blue State Five'

The nation officially has its 83rd attorney general with Loretta Lynch having taken the oath of office Monday morning. But before her five-month nomination odyssey fades into the rearview mirror, itís worth noting the pivotal part played by an election 19 months down the road.

Take Five: Rep. Diana DeGette

Itís time again for Take Five, when HOH talks with a member of Congress about topics relatively unrelated to legislative work.

New Front Opens in 'Fast-Track' Trade Fight

Thereís no shortage of liberal opposition to President Barack Obama on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but a more serious threat to the administrationís pro-trade alliance with Republicans might come from those who want to tackle the perpetually thorny issue of currency manipulation.

DOJ to Probe Baltimore at Maryland Delegation's Request

Updated: 8:11 p.m. | Maryland Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin said Monday the Justice Department is moving forward with an independent investigation into the death of a Baltimore man who died in police custody that has fueled days of protests and looting in the city.

Japan Taps Lobbyists to Bolster U.S. Ties

The government of Japan knows its way around K Street.




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