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Despite Liberal Backlash, Pelosi Backs Obama on 'Chained CPI'

“In the context of a large deal that reduces the deficit by a lot, that has a lot of revenue in it, all of which comes from the wealthiest and which has transportation jobs money, an extension of the debt ceiling for at least two years, a doc fix, a fix of the AMT, an extension of unemployment benefits — in that context, a chained CPI which has reasonable allowances for people with the least money, it’s something we don’t like but can support,” said Rep. Robert E. Andrews, a close ally of Pelosi’s.

“I’m highly confident that whatever the number of votes is that we need to pass an agreement like Rob Nabors outlined is, we will deliver,” Andrews said.

Pelosi specified that the additional protections Nabors outlined would include higher payments for low-income seniors and very old seniors.

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