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Despite His Criticism of Lavish Conferences, Jeff Sessions Has Traveled on Taxpayer Dime

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For instance, at the beginning of the 2010 August recess, Sessions traveled to the northern Florida coast to visit a nuclear submarine at the Mayport Naval Station as part of his duties as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee. The two day trip cost tax payers $944 — almost all of which came as a result of flights from Washington, D.C., to Jacksonville, Fla., and then to Mobile, Ala., at the end of the trip.

Sessions spent only $9.63 on “incidentals” and $32.24 in “per diem” costs during the trip. He stayed in the home of a family while in the region and used a family vehicle to travel around.

Sessions has also made significant cuts to his overall budget over the past year, aides said, and he routinely pays for his own meals while traveling inside Alabama.

“We appreciate the opportunity to highlight the fact that Senator Sessions has voluntarily reduced his office budget by 15 percent. Additionally, we are pleased to announce that, in an extra step, he has also reduced the budget for the minority side of the Budget Committee (which already receives less funds than many other committees and the majority side) by at least that much,” Sessions spokesman Stephen Miller said in a statement Friday.

“Unlike the big spenders on the 9th Circuit, Sessions has always been frugal with taxpayer dollars, going all the way back to his time as a U.S. Attorney when he would split hotel rooms with other attorneys to save money when traveling,” Miller added.

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