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Democrats Hoping Politics of Birth Control Work for Them

Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo

After an outcry from the Catholic community earlier this month, the administration announced a compromise, which released religious-based institutions, such as hospitals and universities, from a mandate to provide contraception insurance coverage. Instead, insurance companies will be required to provide that coverage, free of charge, to women working for those organizations that opt out of the requirement.

As for whether Democrats fear their campaign for women’s rights will further upset the Catholic community — an important voting bloc for 2012 — the Senators on the call seemed unfazed.

“The polling seems to show that Catholic voters agree with the president’s compromise and that women should be offered contraception,” Schumer said. “It’s not the status quo; it’s a giant step backward.”

A CBS/New York Times poll released Feb. 14 revealed that 66 percent of American adults supported the administration’s compromise position, with 61 percent of polled Catholics saying they also agree with the rule.

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