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Democrats Come Out Strong Against Boehner's 'Plan B'

Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call
Reid was quick to reject Boehner’s plan to push legislation through the House that would raise tax rates only for millionaires.

Hoyer, in a pen and pad with reporters Tuesday, dismissed Boehner’s proposal, saying it won’t reduce the deficit by a sufficient amount. “It’s not a serious effort to get us to where we need to be,” the Maryland Democrat said.

Asked about Pelosi proposing the same plan seven months ago, Hoyer said, “I’ve been very consistent on this, whoever proposed it, whether it was Chuck Schumer” or Pelosi.

“I think Leader Pelosi floated that, again, as a political ploy ... not because she believed that was the level [she wanted], but she wanted to show that Republicans wouldn’t even vote for $1 million” as the line below which lower tax rates would be extended,” Hoyer said.

In a May 30 pen and pad with reporters, days after Pelosi sent the letter, Hoyer said, “I share Ms. Pelosi’s view that — that we ought to bring the middle-class tax cuts to the floor and deal with that early on to create confidence among the middle class that their taxes will not be going up on January 1.” He did not specifically address at what income level the rates would be extended at.

Two months later, in an appearance at the Center for American Progress, Hoyer said he supported extending rates for income below $250,000, in line with President Barack Obama’s position.

The most recent fiscal cliff proposal from the president, however, would raise rates on those making more than $400,000.

A Boehner spokesman was incredulous at the rejection.

“After spending months saying we must ask for more from millionaires and billionaires, how can they reject a plan that does exactly that?” asked spokesman Brendan Buck. “By once again moving the goal posts, the president is threatening every American family with higher taxes.”

He also called Reid’s reaction “nonsensical.”

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