Corporations and Associations Bet More on Lobbying

The American Council of Life Insurers reported they increased their investment in lobbying to $1,782,900 during the first quarter of 2013. This is up from the $1,063,984 they spent on lobbying during the fourth quarter of 2012. They lobbied in the issues areas of safety products, investments, insurance, retirement and taxation. The report details specific bills and proposals. The Eli Lilly and Co. also reported a large increase in spending on lobbying activity. They spent $2,610,000 from January through March, a half-million dollar increase from the $2,055,000 they spent during the last quarter of 2012. They lobbied in the areas of trade, agriculture, health, Medicare/medicare, food industry, product safety, pharmacy, copyright/patents/trademark, manufacturing and medical/disease research/clinical labs. In other lobbying reports filed early: The Financial Services Roundtable spent $2,240,000 — up from $1,880,000 Union Pacific Corp. spent $1,635,963 — up from $1,351,512 Sanofi US Services Inc. spent $1,800,000 — up from 1,690,000 (more) Dow Chemical Co. spent $2,660,000 — up from $2,610,000 The National Association of Manufacturers spent $2,000,000 — down a fraction from $2,060,000 Duke Energy Corp. spent $1,590,000 — down from $2,320,000 T-Mobile USA Inc. spent $1,303,100 — down from $1,441,400 New lobby registration - FTI Government Affairs (D.C.) registered yesterday to lobby on behalf of the National Rifle Association - Institute for Legislative Action.The registration is effective March 15 and the lobbyists will be Jeffries Murray (former chief of staff to Rep. Bud Cramer, and legislative director to Rep. Bill Brewster) and Scott Styles (former chief of staff to Rep. Pete Sessions). This posting was revised on 4/23.