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Congress Must Rein In Expensive 'Sue and Settle' Tactics by EPA | Commentary

But that is not good for the nation or our struggling economy. Coal-powered electrical plants are critical for many regions of the country that rely on the readily available and cheap fuel sources to power their homes and offices. But when the EPA engages in this sue and settle charade, it takes unilateral steps that fail to give the industry a fair amount of time to help shape regulations, which affect their ability to operate, sustain jobs and keep energy costs low for American families.

The good news is that there are bills in both the House and Senate, sponsored by Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., and Sen. Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa, to eliminate “sue and settle.” Unfortunately, both pieces of legislation don’t currently have any Democratic co-sponsors.

Democrats must set aside partisan politics and support this critical legislation. Even if the Left agrees with the tougher environmental regulations created by sue and settle, they should oppose the EPA operating outside standard rule-making process and circumventing Congress’ constitutional authority to write our nation’s laws because there may come a day when they are on the other side and need the added scrutiny of a regulation.

With our nation facing record-high deficits, precious taxpayer dollars should not be wasted on this dubious practice to advance the EPA’s radical agenda.

David Williams is the president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, a budget watchdog committed to smaller government and fairness for American taxpayers.

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