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House Leaves Town Without Resolving FAA Stalemate

"They didn't want anything extraneous in this package," a visibly upset DeFazio said. "Extraneous? Jobs are extraneous? Safety and security is extraneous? $200 million a week in lost revenue is extraneous? What's the package about? It's all about cutting, cutting, cutting."

About 40 FAA safety inspectors continue to work without pay.

"They are traveling around the country at their own expense," said FAA Deputy Director Michael Huerta, who added that they cannot be reimbursed until Congress acts.

Air traffic controllers also remain on the job.

Correction: Aug. 3, 2011

The article misstated what legislation contained language that would make it more difficult for airline and rail workers to unionize. That provision was contained in a multiyear Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization that the House passed.

Jessica Brady contributed to this story.

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