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Club for Growth Gives GOP Cover on Debt Vote

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo
The House is set to vote Wednesday on a measure to temporarily extend the government’s borrowing capacity, although it is unclear whether Republican leaders have the necessary votes to pass it.

“Once again, Republican leadership is negotiating with itself to temporarily bail the big spenders out by lifting the U.S. debt limit for four months, with no immediate accompanying budget reforms or spending reductions,” FreedomWorks Legislative Counsel Dean Clancy said in a statement. “Our government is almost $16.5 trillion in debt. That exceeds the entire annual output of the U.S. economy and equals more than $52,000 for every citizen. If that’s not scary enough, those numbers don’t include the more than $100 trillion in unfunded entitlement promises. If this pattern continues, the major credit agencies have threatened once again to downgrade our nation’s credit. This will make paying down the debt even more difficult. And amid all of this, House leadership wants to raise the debt ceiling clean? Get serious, guys. Do your jobs.”

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