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Food Historian Savors Washington's Culinary Heritage

Amanda Moniz is thrilled whenever the opportunity arises to showcase her twin loves: baking and history. And she’s been delighted to discover, via the experimental courses she’s developed in conjunction with Hill Center, that others hunger to do so as well.

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The Partisan Brings Meat Lovers Together

“You’ve got some straight food porn right there,” a nosy neighbor said as she shamelessly leaned over to take the full measure of the parade of mouth-watering proteins being escorted to our rapidly shrinking table.

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Smithsonian's Kiyochika Exhibit Illuminates a Bygone Tokyo

The scenes of late 19th century Tokyo capture a city on the rise, with multistory brick buildings, gas lighting, telegraph poles, railroads and warships cruising the surrounding rivers.

Corrupt? Inexperienced? Top D.C. Mayor Contenders Duke It Out

Polls show that nearly half of those likely to vote in the District’s April 1 Democratic primary could change their mind about their choice for mayor in the final days of the race.

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At Mark Begich's 52nd Birthday Party, Talk Turns to District Becoming 51st State

On Wednesday night, D.C. Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss joined Sen. Mark Begich at an Indiana Avenue sports bar to help celebrate the Alaska Democrat’s 52nd birthday — the number 51 also came up.

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Nebraskans Know There's No Substitute for Runza | Noshtalgia

There’s nothing worse than disappointing a good friend.

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Ward 6 Candidates' Similarities Are Striking

Similarities between the two Democrats campaigning to represent Capitol Hill on the D.C. Council — Charles Allen and Darrel Thompson — are striking.

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Dine Acknowledges Partial Lockdown Spurred by Navy Yard Created Confusion

In the wake of the Washington Navy Yard shooting, the Capitol’s top law enforcement officials went in different directions on security — resulting in an uneven response to a potential campus threat that Capitol Police Chief Kim C. Dine hopes is never repeated.

Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine Grilled on Miriam Carey Shooting

Pressed to delve into lessons learned from the Oct. 3 shooting of Miriam Carey, Capitol Police Chief Kim C. Dine stood by the department’s use of force Monday.

D.C. Voters Still Support Gray, Bowser Gains Steam in Wake of 'Uncle Earl'

Vincent Gray and Muriel Bowser are in a dead heat atop the pack of Democrats running for D.C. mayor, according to the first public poll conducted since the “Uncle Earl” corruption allegations.

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Democracy for America, Marion Barry Endorse in D.C. Primary

With early voting officially under way in the District’s Democratic primary and the April 1 election less than two weeks away, some influential backers are making a final attempt to sway key races.

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Issa Says Lifting District's Height Act Could Lure Pro Football Back to D.C.

Wooing Washington’s National Football League franchise back to the city would be easier if D.C. would lift its building height limits, according to Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

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Navy Yard Review Suggests DOD Has Handed Out Too Many Security Clearances

An independent review of the security clearance process released six months after the Navy Yard shooting finds the U.S. government has exposed classified national security information, often at very sensitive levels, to far too many people.

New Hampshire House Backs D.C. Voting Rights

The District’s right to full-fledged voting membership in Congress got a thumbs up in New Hampshire on Thursday.

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Bearnaise Evolves With the Neighborhood

Back when he was the driving force behind only two budding hospitality concepts, Capitol Hill restaurateur Spike Mendelsohn looked around his slice of Southeast D.C. and figured the place could use some razzle-dazzle.

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Issa Wants to Go Further on Height Act

One of the District’s chief advocates in the House gave some unsolicited guidance to Mayor Vincent Gray and the D.C. Council on Wednesday.

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In Wake of Latest Allegations, Gray Asks: Whom Do You Trust? Me or 'Greedy' 'Uncle Earl'?

With corruption allegations threatening to derail his campaign for the April 1 primary, Mayor Vincent Gray is putting his reputation up against “Uncle Earl.”

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Independent Catania Prepares for D.C. Mayoral Campaign

“We are literally living in the 10th anniversary of the month in which I knew I would be leaving the GOP,” D.C. Councilmember David Catania said on a February afternoon in his office on the fourth floor of the John A. Wilson Building.

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House Oversight Committee to Consider Modest Change to Height Act

After much public and official rancor over the century-old law governing the height of buildings in the nation’s capital, a House panel is looking at making one minor, largely noncontroversial change to the law.

'Uncle Earl' Plea Details Secret Money to 28 Local and Federal Candidates

At least 28 political candidates, including D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and a major 2008 presidential candidate, benefitted from secret financing schemes coordinated by D.C. businessman Jeffrey E. Thompson, according to a guilty plea entered by Thompson in federal court.




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