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D.C. Businessman Tied to 2010 Mayoral Campaign, Federal Candidate Faces Corruption Charges

D.C. businessman Jeffrey E. Thompson was charged with two felony counts of conspiracy Monday for allegedly violating federal and District campaign finance laws.

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Did Shutdown Showdown Advance D.C. Budget Autonomy?

Although Octoberís partial federal government shutdown was a tense stretch for the District, those 16 days might help ease the way for budget autonomy.

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Gray Undecided on Controversial Scholarship Program

Despite opposition from Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., District leaders advanced a plan to create a new need-based scholarship program funded by the city.

Back and Forth Among Eisenhower Memorial Designers, Regulators

The most recent assessment of the troubled Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, a project nearly 15 years in the making, points to positive progress on the design ó with plenty of room for improvement.

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Secret Service, City Talking in Wake of Motorcade Traffic Fiasco

This weekís dignitary-motorcade-caused traffic conflagration in Washington continues to reverberate, with the Secret Service responding quickly to complaints from District Mayor Vincent Gray and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., affirming that ďD.C. is not a fiefdom.Ē

Congress Likely the Next Stop for D.C. Pot Decriminalization Bill

The D.C. Council gave final approval on Tuesday to a bill that makes possession of small amounts of marijuana in the nationís capital a civil offense, with penalties similar to a parking ticket.

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Capitol Dome Construction: Gravel Deliveries Begin Monday

Be alert for big vehicles when traversing the Senate side of the Capitol grounds on Monday.

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After 8 Years, Capitol Police Implement Radio Upgrade

With their Reagan-era radios now retired, the Capitol Police have begun communicating over a modernized, encrypted digital radio system.

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Norton: TSA Must Train Employees to Accept D.C. IDs

Washington, D.C., may not be a state, but the people who live in the nationís capital deserve the same treatment as other American citizens when traveling within its borders.

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Gray Ducks Questions on 2010 Campaign Troubles

Recent polling shows that, despite apologies and denials of wrongdoing, the federal probe into Mayor Vincent Grayís 2010 campaign remains the main obstacle to his re-election.

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D.C. Statehood Push Gains Steam, but Budget Autonomy Languishes

A tweet from Sen. Cory Booker may be the most recent evidence that the crusade to make the District of Columbia the 51st state is gaining steam on Capitol Hill.

Could the U.N. Help D.C. Win a Vote in Congress?

Raising the profile of the Districtís struggle to win voting rights in Congress to the international level could create some interesting geopolitical dynamics.

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Local Politics Complicate Hill East Development

On the eastern fringe of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, not far from the banks of the Anacostia River, sits the Districtís largest shelter for homeless families. Itís located on the Reservation 13 area, long home to city services typically shielded from the public eye, long targeted for commercial and residential development, and long an issue in District politics.

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Outcome of April 1 Mayoral Primary Could Shape D.C. Skyline

Late last year, a congressional hearing on the century-old law governing height limits in the nationís capital exposed dissenting views among the Districtís leaders.

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D.C. Tourism Fair on Hill Offers Food, Freebies, Visitor Info

Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Co. passed out lunchtime sliders to hungry staffers Wednesday, one of the 120 hospitality industry businesses networking with Hill employees in the Cannon Caucus Room during a trade-show event aimed at boosting the Districtís fine eats, nightlife, shopping and entertainment.

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Is D.C. Government Enemy No. 1 in the Fight for Statehood?

Most of the Democrats vying to replace Mayor Vincent Gray profess the District has been its own worst enemy in the fight for D.C. statehood. And as the April 1 Democratic primary for the mayoral contest approaches, they are taking aim at the Districtís reputation for ethical foibles, arguing they know how to clean up that image and increase the odds of gaining political autonomy for the capital.

D.C. Attorney General Hopeful Takes Second Stab at Primary-Ballot Election

A Democratic candidate running to become the Districtís first elected attorney general has appealed a D.C. judgeís ruling that kept the race off the April 1 ballot.

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D.C. Site Shows Lincoln in a Human Light

The United States observes Abraham Lincolnís 205th birthday on Wednesday, and after years of celebrating the 16th presidentís heroic accomplishments, the Lincoln Cottage is showing a more human side of the man from Springfield, Ill.

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D.C. Leaders at Cross Purposes on Scholarship Plan

Can Washington, D.C., allocate its newfound wealth to defray college costs for some of its poorest high-school students without provoking Congress to cut federal scholarship funds?

Attorney General Election Excluded From D.C. Primary Ballot

The Districtís April primary ballot will not include the cityís first attorney general election, in accordance with a Superior Court ruling issued Friday.




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