Activist Pledges to Publish Congress’ Browsing History

Comes after House voted to kill Obama administration privacy regulations

Game developer Max Temkin wants to give Congress a taste of its own medicine. (Framegrab/Cards Against Humanity via YouTube)

The creator of the popular and crass card game Cards Against Humanity pledges to let Congress feel the effects of its vote to repeal a regulation that will allow Internet providers to sell users’ browsing history.

The House voted on Tuesday to kill Obama administration regulations that required Internet service providers to get customers’ explicit permission before it could sell their browsing history to advertisers and other third parties.

Cards Against Humanity co-founder Max Temkin tweeted with a little salty language that he would buy the browser histories of “every congressman and congressional aide” and share it online.


Temkin also cautioned against people taking part in crowdfunding campaigns since the data isn't yet available.



In response to another tweet, Temkin said it would be easy to find IP blocks of members of Congress and staffers.


In February, Temkin sent a copy of his new game “Secret Hitler” to every senator to encourage them to act as a check against President Donald Trump. The game “models the rise of fascism in a democracy,” according to its creator.


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