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Capitol Police Will Hold Off on Replacing IG

Gainer doesn’t think so. Ropella will be responsible for communicating manpower deficiencies as they arise, he said, and in the meantime the Capitol Police board is discussing whether the IG’s office could borrow some resources from the chief of police’s team to conduct audit and investigations.

Officer Shennell Antrobus, a Capitol Police spokesman, said the department is already working with the police board and Congress on a plan that would address the broader effects of the sequester.

“The plan is carefully designed to accommodate the reduced funding levels; with the goal of ensuring that the safety and security of the Capitol complex will be maintained,” Antrobus said in an email.

Not everyone is terribly concerned over the future of the inspector general position, however: Capitol Police Labor Committee President Jim Konczos said he doesn’t recall much of a difference between before and after an IG was installed within the agency, and he said the current system appears to favor senior managers over the rank and file.

“From the union’s perspective, and the officers’, a lot of these complaints that go to the IG’s office, it’s kind of like a black hole,” Konczos said.

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