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Capitol Police See SOTU Security as Their Chance to Shine

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
For Capitol Police stationed outside Tuesday night, hot beverages, hand warmers and water will be available to help battle the bitter cold in the forecast.

Capitol Police will restrict access to the Capitol at 5:30 p.m., or immediately following recess and are responsible for maintaining an access list for the night, according to a memo from House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul D. Irving that CQ Roll Call obtained. At 7 p.m., the officers will begin closing streets around the grounds.

Opening the doors to the president and his entourage is akin to welcoming guests onto their home turf. The goal is to deliver the commander in chief to the chamber, hear him speak and get him off the grounds safely, Nebel said.

“When we hear he’s cleared the grounds, we know that we can breathe that sigh of relief.”

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