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Capitol Police: Protecting And Serving Without Pay

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
A Capitol Police officer puts up police tape after the shooting and car crash on Thursday.

As essential employees, attendance is mandatory and all paid time off is canceled. No vacations, no sick leave, no religious holidays. Any absence from work would be considered a furlough, and refusing to come to work after being ordered to do so classifies an officer as AWOL, or absent without leave.

“As a sworn employee, you’re coming to work,” said Lt. Kimberly Schneider, a public information officer for the department.

Officers were set to receive checks on Friday for the two-week pay period that ended Sept. 30, but the next payday is not known. Whether there will be a paycheck on Oct. 20, and how much the check will total, depends on two factors: how long the shutdown lasts and what instructions Congress includes in whatever continuing resolution it passes.

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