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Voting Marathon: More Test Marketing Than Attack Ads

Senators readying their patience, their reading material and even their bladders for the annual ritual known as the vote-a-rama may rightfully be getting ready to ask, Will it be worth it?

Freshman Senator: Pay for Obamacare Replacement With ... Obamacare

Bill Cassidy, the freshman senator from Louisiana and a doctor, has been pushing fellow Republicans in his first few months in the Senate to embrace an alternative to Obamacare one he predicts will insure more people without mandates.

GOP Defense Hawks Trump Conservatives as House OKs Budget

After months of leaderships best-laid plans falling apart on the floor and behind the scenes, House GOP leaders eked out a much-needed victory Wednesday, with Republicans endorsing a budget that added even more defense dollars to the blueprint reported out committee.

Lobbyists-Turned-Staffers Disclose Salaries, Clients

Lobbyists who left K Street in recent months to take jobs on Capitol Hill left behind big salaries and numerous clients that have a stake in the debates their new bosses are engaged in.

Hastert Delivers Personal Pitch for Ethanol

Former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert delivered a blunt reminder to farm-state lawmakers about the clout of the ethanol industry with a visit for nearly an hour to the main lobby off the Senate floor during votes on Tuesday, while he worked to stave off a call by conservatives to eliminate the renewable fuels standard.

Harry Reid, GOP Senators Join Forces to Approve Highway (Updated)

Updated 6:11 p.m. | Harry Reids bid to push a new highway through Nevada before he faces the voters next year has a powerful Republican ally James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma.

Congresswoman Demonstrates 'Worst Parking Job Ever' (Video)

Updated 5:02 p.m. | Abandon all hope, ye who happen to park anywhere near geometrically challenged-motorist Eleanor Holmes Norton.

New Jersey Republicans Set Stage for Fight on U.S.-Cuba Relations

Lawmakers are always eager to use appropriations bills to make political statements; this year, House Republicans are using the power of the purse to weigh in on President Barack Obamas move to normalize U.S. and Cuba relations.

Watch Live: Tom Wheeler Testifies on FCC Net Neutrality Rules

The House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on the Federal Communications Commissions Net Neutrality rules. Officials from the FCC, including Chairman Tom Wheeler, and the Federal Trade Commission will testify. Coverage begins at 2 p.m.

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Port, Waterways Funds May Have Surplus Next Year

Congress has a self-inflicted problem in funding the nations ports and waterways infrastructure: Theres more money available than lawmakers are likely to spend.

Pwning a Piece of Presidential History

Following Mondays conservative pep rally down at Liberty University, its obvious that 2016 GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz believes in himself. Personally investing in said product or, at least, his online persona is something entirely different.

Obama 'Ready to Sign' Bipartisan Doc Fix (Updated)

Updated 11:30 p.m. | President Barack Obama pronounced himself ready to sign a bipartisan doc fix Wednesday.

Why the 'Doc Fix' Deal Has Senate in Something of a Fix

The odds have crested the 50-50 threshold for what would surely become one of the years biggest legislative achievements an overhaul of how doctors and other Medicare providers get paid. And the usual encrusted ideological positioning, at both ends of the political spectrum, is no longer the biggest obstacle.

Kirk Blasts 'Ayatollah Stole My Homework' Excuse on Iran Talks, Plots Budget Amendment

Sen. Mark S. Kirk said Tuesday he would introduce an amendment to the budget resolution recommending new sanctions on Iran if no nuclear deal is reached.

Senate Ditches Obama Budget; Plan Earns Only 1 'Yes'

Sen. Thomas R. Carper, D-Del., joined the very short list of members of Congress who have cast yes votes on President Barack Obamas budget proposals Wednesday evening, when the Senate rejected a budget alternative based on the $4 trillion blueprint unveiled by Obama in February.

Overheard: The Ghosts of GOP Past

I decided in my old age Im going to haunt the Senate, so here I am.

Coats Retirement Sparks Hoosier State Free-for-All

An open Senate seat in Indiana could lead to a GOP free-for-all in 2016, with nearly every Republican member of the Hoosier States congressional delegation showing interest.

Lynch's Republican Backers Holding Firm

GOP supporters of President Barack Obamas pick to be the next attorney general are sticking by her, meaning Loretta Lynch is still on track for confirmation if she can ever get a vote.

Scalise, McHenry Go Forward, Move Ahead With Whip It Good PAC

When the House Freedom Caucus comes along, you must whip it. When a close votes held open on the floor too long, you must whip it. Whip it good.

Benishek to Seek Fourth Term, Break Term-Limit Pledge (Updated)

Updated 6:20 p.m. | Michigan Rep. Dan Benishek said Tuesday he has decided to break a self-imposed term limit and run for re-election next year.




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