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Cantor Balancing Research Priorities, Fiscal Concerns

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Cantor is expected to bring to the floor this month legislation that would increase medical researching funding by shifting taxpayer money from funds for presidential elections and conventions.

The No. 2 House Republican has also made time in his schedule for activities related to medical research. Last month, Cantor toured the NIH with a bipartisan group of nine other House lawmakers. He also held a luncheon at the Library of Congress for Virginia-based groups that advocate for patients with a variety of diseases and disorders.

“I want to work with those groups in prioritizing not only medical research, scientific research but also creating the climate for innovation,” Cantor said, highlighting the importance of the approval process for new drugs and therapies.

Cantor thinks “there is an appropriate role and a necessary role for the federal government to ensure funding for basic medical research,” as he stated in his speech at the AEI. And he has visited research facilities over the past few years to figure out the federal role compared to the private sector.

“As a person who strongly believes in the Jeffersonian model of limited government, as an individual who represents James Madison’s seat, I’m strongly held to those principles of limited government spelled out in our constitution,” he said.

Cantor noted that the Constitution specifically references discovery, innovation and science in the language about Congress’ power to regulate intellectual property. His goal, he said, has been to understand the issue so conservatives can stand for innovation and research “that can help solve some of life’s most challenging problems.”

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