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House GOP May Join Anti-Libya Resolution

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Under the War Powers Act, the president is generally supposed to end military force within 60 days unless lawmakers authorize further action. Obama did not send Congressional leaders a letter requesting their support for the operation until the day of deadline.

Although Cantor did not explicitly accuse the administration of violating the law, his comments were significantly different from those of Speaker John Boehner (Ohio), who when asked Wednesday if Obama had violated the law said, Technically, no. ... Legally, theyve met the requirements of the War Powers Act.

Cantor acknowledged that GOP support for Kucinichs resolution is a politically jarring prospect.

He noted, Its counterintuitive to think that we would support Dennis Kucinich. I mean, heres a guy whos anti-war, anti-military, and were going to support him?

Meanwhile, on Thursday Boehner said it is incumbent on the White House to make a better case for the administrations foreign policy goals when it comes to the war efforts not only in Libya, but also in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Members are a bit weary about the amount of money weve spent in Iraq, in Afghanistan and that were spending in Libya, and as a result really are wondering what our vital national security interests are there, Boehner said.

I think I have a pretty good feel for it, but I really do believe the president really needs to speak out in terms of our mission in Iraq, our mission in Afghanistan, our mission in Libya, and our doubts that our members have are reflecting what theyre hearing from their constituents, he added.

The president really does need to step up and help the American people understand why these missions are vital to the national security interests of our country.

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