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C-J-S Bill Advances After Democratic Gun Provisions Turned Aside

We shouldnt fool ourselves: underfunding basic research will harm other research across the public and private spheres, he said. We must do better, he said.

Wolf defended the amount of funding the bill gives to NSF, which he said was at a record-high level and more than $250 million above the White House request.

Some people say that Republicans dont fund science programs, Wolf said, but this is a Republican House and we have the highest [funding] for NSF that weve ever had. Wolf added that he is also concerned that the United States is falling behind the rest of the world in research funding.

The committee adopted, by voice vote, a Republican amendment that would boost funding for NOAAs pacific coastal salmon recovery program by $15 million with offsets from the Census Bureau and the National Science Foundation and also adopted a provision related to the determination of locations of federal conferences.

John Gramlich contributed to this report.

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