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Boston Bound: Capitol Hill Staffers Lace Up for Marathon

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call
Allen, right, a legislative assistant for Sen. Amy Klobuchar , will be among the 36,000 runners at this year’s Boston Marathon. Lehner, communications director for Sen. Mary L. Landrieu , ran Boston in 2011 and has already qualified for the 2015 marathon.

For those not running, it’s still a momentous event to follow. Instead of sitting on muddy tarps in the Runners Village this year, Lehner will be tracking his fellow Capitol Hill Distance Project runners via text messages at his desk. “The marathon is bigger than one day, one race or one course,” he said. “The Boston Marathon represents the enduring resilience and capacity of the human spirit to overcome and succeed.”

An earlier version of this article misstated which year Matt Lehner qualified for the marathon and the date of this year's race.

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