My Favorite Photo of the Week

Self proclaimed "Greg Head" Thomas Dees, and fellow students from Western Carolina University wait for the start of the Greg Brannon for Senate campaign rally. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to pick just one photo to highlight as your favorite photo of the week . Out of last week's photos it's close call between the "Greg Heads" in Charlotte and Rep. Issa watching the giant chess game in the Rayburn building. I am going with the "Greg Heads."  

Roll Call sent me down to North Carolina to shoot the last few days leading up to the GOP Senate primary election day on May 6. While I spent the bulk of my time with the eventual primary winner Thom Tillis , a rally for Tea Party favorite Greg Brannon at the NASCAR Hall of Fame featuring Sen. Rand Paul was a must-shoot event. While waiting for the rally to start, and guarding my front-and-center shooting position, I noticed a group of Brannon supporters wearing campaign signs on their heads.  

So much for guarding the position.  

I had to run over and get some photos of the group with my 35mm f1.4 lens. While trying to get a nice graphic image of the sign hats with the exterior of the NASCAR Hall of Fame as a background, one of the self-proclaimed "Greg Heads" wheels around towards me to pull open his shirt revealing his "I Stand with Rand" t-shirt. For me, not only does the photograph illustrate the event well, but it also helps tell a larger story of the battle between old school establishment Republicans and the Tea Party wing of the GOP.  

Camera: Nikon D4 Lens: 35mm f1.4 Shutter speed: 1/2000 sec F-stop: 1.4 ISO: 100