Big Ticket Items for Sandy Aid

Here are some of the most costly items in the White House $60.4 billion supplemental aid request for superstorm Sandy:

- $15 billion for flexible Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, which could be used for a variety of needs, including housing repair or replacement costs not met by private insurance or certain other federal programs and public infrastructure investments.

- $11.5 billion sought for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s response and recovery efforts.

- $9.7 billion in new borrowing authority for FEMA to carry out the National Flood Insurance Program. Borrowing authority for the National Flood Insurance Program is currently capped at $20.7 billion.

- $6.2 billion for repair and restoration of public transportation infrastructure in metropolitan New York City.

- $5.5 billion for the Federal Transit Administration for mitigation projects to make transportation systems more resilient in the face of high winds and flooding.

- $3.8 billion for Army Corps of Engineers civil works program intended to reduce the future flood risk.