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Barack Obama Predicts ‘Messy’ but ‘Grand’ Deficit Deal if Re-Elected

Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo

I said that Id cut taxes for middle-class families I did. I said that we would make sure to make college more affordable we have. I said I would clean up the financial system and pass the toughest Wall Street reforms since the 1930s, and we have. I said that I would make sure that people dont go broke in this country because they get sick we did that, he said.

And he highlighted foreign affairs as well.

I said Id end the war in Iraq I have. I said wed got after al-Qaida and [Osama] bin Laden we have. I said wed begin a process where we could initially blunt the momentum of the Taliban and then a process in which wed begin transitioning out were in the process of doing that.

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