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Weiner Says He Contacted FBI About Grimm

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In the fall of 2010, then-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) informed the FBI that now-Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) was allegedly attempting to extort campaign contributions from a politically well-connected orthodox rabbi, Weiner said today.

Grimm has previously been accused of accepting questionable donations collected by a former associate of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto. Weiner’s revelation would put Grimm, a former FBI agent himself, closer to the federal investigation surrounding Pinto’s former associates.

In an interview with Roll Call, Weiner said Pinto, who leads the popular Shuva Israel congregation, informed him in the early fall of 2010 that Grimm had attempted to extort money from him. Pinto’s ministries stretch from Israel to the United States and he splits his time between the two countries.

“I can confirm the Rabbi did bring allegations to me and I can confirm that I turned them over to the FBI immediately,” Weiner said.

He declined to comment on the specifics of his conversation with Pinto and the exact nature of Grimm’s alleged threats are unclear. However, sources familiar with the situation said it appears Grimm might have sought to use his status as a former FBI agent in pressuring Pinto.

Weiner resigned from Congress last year after it was discovered he had attempted to cover up the fact that he had sent inappropriate pictures to women using Twitter.

The FBI’s New York field office did not return a request for comment, and Pinto was unavailable for immediate comment.

William McGinley, a partner at the Patton Boggs law firm, flatly rejected the allegations on Grimm’s behalf.

Anthony Weiner’s latest fantasy is preposterous and untrue. Consider the source: a former Democratic Member who resigned in disgrace after lying to the press and his constituents about someone hacking into his Twitter account and posting lewd images. Mr. Weiner’s false allegations about Congressman Grimm are no more credible than his original claims of innocence in WeinerGate,” McGinley said in a statement.

“The Democratic smear campaign against Congressman Grimm has officially jumped the shark. The allegations are so ridiculous that they are not worthy of a comment directly from Congressman Grimm,” he added.

McGinley also provided Roll Call with a Feb. 16 “Good Guy Letter” from the FBI that confirms Grimm worked with the agency and left in good standing. McGinley questioned why the FBI would provide the letter if Grimm were under investigation. However, the letter is narrowly written and appears to be specifically about the Congressman’s employment with the FBI.

In January, the New York Times reported that Grimm allegedly worked with Ofer Biton, a former associate and translator for Pinto, to collect $500,000 from Pinto’s congregations, many of whom are Israeli citizens.

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