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American Workers Can't Wait Another Minute | Commentary

For the Compete America Jobs Loss Calculator, we used the conservative number of four jobs lost for every one high-skilled immigrant who canít get a visa. So if there are 185,000 applicants for H-1B Visas this year, that would mean 100,000 wonít be able to come work in America. Then another 400,000 jobs would be lost since these engineers and scientists wonít be around to create additional jobs in the supply chain. In short, a conservative estimate is that America will lose 500,000 jobs this year because of an immigration policy that needs to be reformed.

It is time to take action. There is widespread agreement among both parties and in both chambers of Congress that high-skilled immigration is good for the economy. Now, for the first time, we have visual evidence that capping high-skilled visas is costing America hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Congress needs to act now. The House of Representatives should take up legislation like the bipartisan SKILLS Act today and increase the number of H-1B Visas available. Until then, we will keep tracking the number of jobs lost on our website. And as the clock shows, American workers literally canít wait another minute for Congress to act on immigration reform.

Scott Corley serves as executive director of Compete America, a coalition of technology companies, universities and trade associations that advocates for reform of U.S. immigration policy for highly educated foreign professionals.

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