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After a Decade of Drone Strikes, Lawmakers Ponder Judicial Oversight

“I think many of us were a bit shocked to learn that we voted for the longest war in United States history or that we were authorizing a blanket authorization for the use of force against terrorism without any return to the conversation,” said Richard J. Durbin, D-Ill. “And I think it’s time. And I say that with great respect to the president.”

In written pre-hearing questions for Brennan, the Senate Intelligence panel asked him whether he would “support legislation to authorize the use of force outside of ‘hot’ battlefields and codify the standards for the conduct of targeted strikes, including through the use of remotely piloted aircraft.”

Brennan rejected the need for legislation, asserting, “I believe we currently have the authority to take action in such circumstances against al-Qaida and associated forces.”

Cristina Marcos contributed to this report.

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