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Aerospace Industry Sounds Warning on Hurricane Forecasts, Budget Cuts

Edward Linsmier/Getty Images

Lawmakers in both parties currently view the National Weather Service as an important organization, indicated by the fact that House Republicans rejected reductions to the agency's budget that had been proposed by President Barack Obama.

The National Weather Service Employees Organization panned the Obama proposal, which would have slashed the number of information technology workers at weather service offices. The administration said the reductions were part of a broader effort to make IT operations more efficient.

The National Weather Service has faced bipartisan fire since the discovery of mismanaged funds earlier this year. The agency admitted to moving around millions of dollars in funds without Congressional authorization, leaving appropriators fuming.

The accounting irregularities will ensure that Congressional appropriators, always protective of their authority, keep a close eye on the weather service budget. Most people, however, probably want an accurate forecast, come hell or high water.

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