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AARP Warns Against Cutting Entitlements to Solve Budget Crises

The AARP’s Public Policy Institute also released nine papers it said examined ways of strengthening the middle class. The AARP said that by looking at such factors as income, assets, housing, health care and education, it was clear that many families find it difficult to maintain their standard of living, especially in retirement.

And AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond, who heads the group’s state and federal lobbying efforts, said the organization would have a robust advocacy agenda in 2013. “We don’t know what the contours of the year will look like, but nobody’s planning any long vacations on our team,” she said during a question-and-answer session.

LeaMond added that AARP members “feel strongly that any debate needs to take into consideration the needs of real people and not just hit a budget number.”

But that won’t be the extent of AARP’s lobbying agenda this year. The group also will focus on moving legislation against age discrimination as well as a permanent solution to the Medicare “doc fix” that would avert scheduled payment cuts to physicians. AARP will be a prominent advocacy figure in state capitals and local communities across the nation, she said, urging states to adopt health insurance exchanges, among other issues.

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