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A Thoughtful Policy Framework for Intelligent Cars | Commentary

That’s why we at the Telecommunications Industry Association have gathered with leading high-tech companies and industry groups from across the expanding connected and autonomous vehicle ecosystem to form the Intelligent Car Coalition. The coalition will provide leadership around important societal issues such as distracted driving and educate on the cutting-edge innovations that have the potential to unleash enormous societal benefits in the intelligent transportation arena.

We are drawing on our experiences as stakeholders in the diverse and rapidly-changing Internet ecosystem, a world where industry, consumer advocates and government work together to solve issues that may arise when quickly-evolving innovations present both promise and challenge.

We were very pleased to see Strickland endorse the idea of multi-stakeholder dialogue to address vital and technically complicated issues such as distracted driving in his testimony. And we look forward to working collaboratively with our colleagues in the automotive and transportation industries on policy issues in the intelligent car arena.

As technology becomes more prominent in the vehicle, one issue on which we all must continue to focus is distracted driving. We also must focus on several other public policy issues in front of the intelligent vehicle sector, including data privacy and security, liability, research funding and the ability to create successful public-private partnerships in the expanded ecosystem.

As Ford Motor Co.’s Executive Chairman Bill Ford remarked, “One hundred years ago, the automobile redefined personal mobility. Today, portable communication devices are redefining personal mobility. And I believe that in the future, we will redefine personal mobility together.”

Intelligent transportation technology has the potential to make a similarly large impact on our mobility. The technology is rapidly developing, and we must work together to ensure a policy framework that enables America to take advantage of these exciting societal innovations.

Grant Seiffert is president of the Telecommunications Industry Association.

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