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A Special Prosecutor is Needed Now | Commentary

The House Ways and Means Committee, along with their colleagues on the House Government Oversight Committee, have done an admirable job in investigating the actions of the IRS. Without their leadership, it is likely this matter would have been blown off, never received national headlines. But it is clear that the deeper congressional investigators dive, more and more incriminating evidence is found — or in the case of the Lerner emails, disappeared.

The American public, specifically American taxpayers, cannot sit by and simply accept this administration’s excuses. They have tried time and again to sweep this infringement of constitutionally guaranteed rights under a rug, mocking anyone who attempts to shine a light on the Obama administration’s overreach.

That is why it is time for a special prosecutor be named and empowered to follow the evidence wherever it leads. This scandal has proven to be anything but “phony.” Only an independent, special prosecutor authorized to fully investigate the actions of government officials — whether at the IRS, the Treasury Department, or even the White House — can give American taxpayers the assurance that such targeting will never happen again.

To do otherwise would simply be taking our daily dose of crazy pills.

Nick Ryan is the founder of American Future Fund.

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