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A Reflection on the Veterans Job Corps Act of 2012 | Commentary

With the midterm elections ahead of us, we as veterans and as a country need to decide how we want Congress to run. In the past two years, Congress has shown us that party lines have come to outweigh the needs of the people they were elected to represent, so much so that they would rather shut down the government rather than see the Affordable Care Act pass. We need to make informed choices about the people we choose to represent us.

Lastly, there is still hope: The Department of Veterans Affairs 2015 fiscal budget includes an additional $1 billion dollars in mandatory funding to create a Veterans Job Corps program over the next five years. Congress determines whether this part of the budget is kept, emphasizing once more the importance of the upcoming elections. Veterans have fought and served diligently for our country, itís time for Congress to serve them.

Tabatha T. Turman is founder, president and CEO of Integrated Finance and Accounting Solutions LLC and a US Army Veteran.

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