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A Love Story: 'Metamorphoses' Makes Valentine's Debut

Courtesy Liz Lauren
“Metamorphoses” takes place on a stage of water and will be performed in the round at Arena Stage.

Fox and his wife are just one of the couples who met during the life cycle of the play. During the first professional production, Fogarty — a D.C.-area native — was the first actress to take over the role of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. At the time, Fox said the couple had only been dating a couple of months, so they fell in love while working together.

Now they are parents to 6-year-old Nora.

Though Fogarty isn’t in the Arena Stage production, she was cast again for last fall’s Chicago production.

“It was the first time she and I had done a play together since our daughter, Nora, was born,” Fox says. “I said, [‘Metamorphoses’] will be something that we tell Nora about as a memory or, if we both do it, it can be a memory for her, too.”

During the Chicago run, Nora sat backstage every weekend. She memorized the show, befriended the assistant stage manager and pitched in.

“She just got really fascinated with everything to do with the show, so it’s been something that the three of us have been able to share as a family,” Fox said. “And it is great because everything is always magic to her. She sort of reminded — not that we needed reminding — but I feel like she reminded us of the importance of the play and the power of the play.”

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