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Sarah Steelman Steps Away From Ryan Plan

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Former Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman, who is running for the GOP nomination to take on Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), has distanced herself from House Budget Chairman Paul Ryanís controversial budget plan in a new Web video.

ďThe Ryan plan is a start, but it isnít perfect. I opposed the $500 billion dollar cut in Medicare when it was in the Obamacare bill, and unfortunately, itís still in the Ryan plan, and I donít like the idea of vouchers that donít keep up with the skyrocketing costs of health insurance,Ē she said in the video.

Steelman said she gets many questions about whether she supports the Wisconsin Republicanís plan, but she doesnít say in the video definitively whether she would have voted for it. ďI deeply respect Paul Ryanís courage ó and it is a good start ó but as a conservative and as an economist, I will support a budget plan that goes further and faster in cutting spending,Ē she said.

The video does not appear to be a professional production, with a shaky camera and unusual lighting. Steelman raised more than $186,000 in the first quarter of this year but spent almost the same amount during that period. Federal Election Commission filings show the majority of her operating expenditures from January to March, more than $132,000, was paid to Pure Marketing for advertising and marketing services.

Steelman recently hired longtime GOP strategist Rick Wilson to help turn around her foundering campaign.

Steelmanís only declared opponent in the primary is Rep. Todd Akin (R), who voted for the Ryan plan. St. Louis businessman John Brunner is widely expected to join the GOP race soon. Roll Call Politics rates the Missouri Senate race a Tossup.

The Missouri Democratic Party has hammered Steelman over Ryanís budget during the past two weeks. ďIf Sarah Steelman doesnít want to tell Missouriís seniors whether she would vote to end Medicare, clearly the Senate isnít the right place for her,Ē party spokeswoman Caitlin Legacki said in a press release Thursday.


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