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Republicans Ready to Unveil Compromise Map in Louisiana

Bill Clark/Roll Call
Rep. John Fleming (above) accused Rep. Charles Boustany of trying to turn a Republican district into one that favors Democrats. “In order to perfect one district, he really fouls up the rest,” Fleming said.

“This was a bait-and-switch proposition,” Fleming continued. “If we knew earlier, we could have planned and worked against it. I suspect this was [Boustany’s] plan all along.”

Now it looks like Boustany’s tactics worked after all.

He’ll still likely face Landry in a GOP primary, but he’s on the cusp of getting the district that he wanted. There’s no love lost between the two Republicans after Boustany endorsed Landry’s opponent in last year’s primary and Landry won the nomination with support from grass-roots conservatives.

Fleming’s new district still won’t be a slam dunk since it would be about 35 percent African-American, but that’s close to the breakdown of his current district.

The new map unveiled Thursday morning will be an amended version of the bill from state Sen. Neil Riser (R) that previously lost in the Senate by a single vote. It appears to have enough of what everyone, including Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal, wants in order for it to pass and be enacted. But until the votes are counted, anything is possible.

The deadline to pass a plan is next week or else they’ll have to wait until next year to revisit the issue.

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