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Hawk ’n’ Dove Auctions Off Decor

And at the bar sat Mike Donaghue, Democratic archivist for the Senate Judiciary Committee. Donaghue was enjoying a meal at the Hawk ’n’ Dove, something he had done once a week since he started working on the Hill in 2004. (The bar was also a staple of his when he worked in the House in the 1970s. He joked that there are many nights he spent at “the Hawk” that he doesn’t remember.)

But as bad as he feels about giving up the comforts of the bar, he feels worse for the bar’s staff, some of whom had worked there for several years.

“It isn’t fair that my Friday routine is being disrupted,” the 64-year-old said. “It is even more unfair and tragic that these good, hardworking employees are facing an uncertain future.”

As he pushed his plate aside, he said he was shocked by the news that the old bar and restaurant would soon close. He would miss bringing interns here. He would miss talking with Paul, the bartender, with whom he would solve all of the world’s problems, as bartenders and patrons are apt to do.

“It’s just a very big part of the Hill culture,” he said. “Who won’t miss it?”

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