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FEC Left Room for Lawmakers to Aid Super PACs

And by giving the green light to fundraising appearances, the FEC thrusts lawmakers into questionable territory, some election lawyers say, because the super PACs are required to operate without coordinating with parties and candidates.

In comments to the FEC, prominent conservative election lawyer Stephen M. Hoersting wrote that “any super PAC that invites candidates to its fundraisers better realize that, should those candidates/attendees be the beneficiary of the super PAC’s advertising, it will accelerate an opponent’s charge of coordination.”

Bopp himself acknowledged that even if those raising money only ask for $5,000 donations, there’s no limit on the size of the check a super PAC ultimately pockets. “A person, as a result of these solicitations, can write whatever check they want,” he said.

Even if national GOP leaders are keeping Bopp’s PAC at arm’s length, Bopp himself is an RNC committeeman, as is the Republican Super PAC’s vice chairman, Solomon Yue. The PAC’s chairman, Roger F. Villere Jr., chairs the Louisiana GOP. Under the FEC ruling, state party officials remain free to raise money for Republican Super PAC.

As soon as donors find out that they are free to give unlimited corporate or union treasury money to his and other super PACs, Bopp predicted, “you can expect these contributions to flow.”

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