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Deal, Timing Allowed Recess to Proceed

"The leaders consulted with our members, and there was widespread support for passing today's resolution. Its quick approval demonstrates that the Democrats' ploy last week was nothing more than a political stunt," said Kevin Smith, spokesman for Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

Doug Andres, a spokesman for the House Rules Committee, said that the measure was OK'd by Republican and Democratic leaders.

"The adjournment resolution was passed by unanimous consent and was cleared through the leaderships of both parties, per the Speaker's policy on unanimous consent requests," Andres said.

Little Appetite for Pro Formas

Adding to the push for adjournment, Senate Democratic leadership aides expressed to House Democratic staff that they would prefer not to have to bring Senators home from recess, especially while the Senate chamber is under construction, a House Democratic aide confirmed.

The move to adjourn today means all the effort that Senate staffers put in preparing a meeting room for pro forma Senate sessions proved unnecessary.

The Senate chamber is being dismantled for August recess construction that will provide communications upgrades and new carpet by the time the Senate returns to session on Sept 10.

When House Democrats joined with conservatives to reject an adjournment resolution before most Members left town last week, Senate staffers began deploying a contingency plan to meet in Room 216 of the Hart Senate Office Building.

The Senate adopted a second adjournment resolution Thursday night after the House rejected the first one. The second resolution was the one the House passed today.

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