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Boehner Eyes Plan B Options

Tom Williams/Roll Call

"McConnell's plan supersedes the rights of the American people," Walsh's letter states. "The only way for average American families to act on the debt ceiling is through their elected representatives in Congress."

The letter also declares, "Senator McConnell's plan is business as usual and does not offer any real solution to runaway spending."

Walsh is one of 87 new GOP lawmakers who is digging in his heels on raising the debt limit, which is projected to exceed its current ceiling by Aug. 2. Conservative grass-roots group Heritage Action has said it will make any vote on the McConnell plan a "key vote" and are urging Membtodayers to sign Walsh's letter. Another group of mostly freshman lawmakers is expected to travel down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House on Tuesday to call on Obama to put forth his own deficit reduction plan.

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