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Senate Landscape Shifts Farther in Favor of GOP

In Washington, former state Sen. Dino Rossi's (R) late entry into the Senate race is proving increasingly problematic for Sen. Patty Murray (D). Rossi, a two time GOP gubernatorial nominee in the state who had the unabashed support of the national Republican Party in his primary, easily emerged from that contest despite some push back in conservative tea party circles. Murray took less than 50 percent in the state's non-partisan "top-two" primary, a sure sign, Republicans say, that she is in danger this fall. Murray is also already raising the specter of Bush in the race while Rossi is playing up his outsider image and painting Murray as beholden to the Democratic establishment in the nation's capital.

Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold (D) has also found himself fending off an outsider campaign that has caught fire. Businessman Ron Johnson is a wealthy first-time candidate who is putting his record as a successful businessman and job creator up against Feingold's support of controversial Democratic agenda items like the health care bill. Johnson may not be well known, but he has deep pockets and his lack of voting record will help Republicans keep the focus on Feingold, which is exactly what GOP strategists want.

Finally, CQ Politics is moving the Iowa and Georgia Senate races that feature GOP Sens. Chuck Grassley and Johnny Isakson from Likely Republican to the least competitive category of Safe Republican. Democrats may have once held dreams of challenging Isakson and Grassley but in a cycle where a dozen Democratic-held Senate seats are now in play the national party will be hard pressed to devote time and effort to longshots like Georgia and Iowa. What resources Democrats do have to go on the attack will likely be spent on four competitive GOP open seat contests in Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire and Ohio that represent their best chances of picking up seats this cycle -- and possibly avoiding a Republican takeover of the Senate.

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