HOH's One-Minute Recess: Brown in Good Spirits

He might be a real-deal Senator now, but Scott Brown hasn't gone all Washington on us. The Massachusetts Republican stayed true to his truck-driving, everydude persona by doing a shot of Irish whiskey and swilling a Bud Light draft at the Dubliner pub this evening to celebrate his swearing-in. [IMGCAP(1)]Brown, accompanied by his wife and an entourage of besuited friends, settled in at the popular Senate-side bar just moments after leaving the Capitol following his very sober oath-taking. But it was all good times after that — HOH tipsters report that the crowd at the bar toasted Brown and serenaded him with a rousing rendition of "Danny Boy." "You aren't going to make me sing, are you?" Brown asked the merrymakers. The reply from someone in the crowd: "Nah, we're going to make you dance!"