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10 Things to Know About the Senate Democrats' Budget

Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call
Murray attacked Republicans’ budget plan Wednesday, saying it “would shred the safety net that has offered a hand up to millions of families across America.”

9. Expect some intrigue regarding GOP amendments both in committee and on the floor. Amendments on the floor in particular tend to be political in nature. In 2009, when the Senate last did a vote-a-rama, an amendment popped up to kill earmarks for Berkeley, Calif., and transfer that money to the Defense Department as well as one to change the definition of “targeted low-income child” to “include the unborn child from the moment of conception.”

10. Though budgets do not have the force of law, Senate Democrats believe they are at least taking away the GOP talking point that they haven’t done one in four years. So there’s that.

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