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Early Battlefields Emerge in Middle America

Each of the party IE operations has so far spent more than $300,000 in the district, and the NRCC and DCCC have each reserved at least 7,000 gross ratings points for the entire race, in a district that takes in much of northwest Wisconsin and undoubtedly includes more cows than voters.Finally, as of the beginning of October, the NRCC’s independent expenditure effort had spent more money in Michigan’s 7th district than any other district in the country.Initially, Walberg looked to have a strong chance to reclaim his old House seat. But Democrats have fought back, with the DCCC’s IE pounding Walberg for saying that he favors the privatization of Social Security and for setting a date certain after which people could opt out of the program. Even Republican operatives think that Walberg seriously hurt his prospects.As of Oct. 2, according to Roll Call, the NRCC had poured in almost $800,000 to this district to help Walberg. Americans for Prosperity and American Future Fund have reserved TV time costing an additional $700,000.On the Democratic side, the DCCC has committed close to $1.2 million, with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees dumping in an additional $900,000 and the Communications Workers of America spending just over $50,000 to date.Given that Schauer has reserved about 10,000 points on broadcast and plans to spend an additional $300,000 on cable TV, for a total of more than $1 million, this race looks like a money pit for all concerned.

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