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GOP, Expecting Little, Will Attend Health Summit

Republicans have declined to produce a massive health care overhaul of their own because they prefer an incremental approach, and insist any negotiation should start from scratch and not be based on the House and Senate health care bills passed late last year. Obama shot down that recommendation during a Feb. 5 news conference, saying he did not want to go through a Congressional committee process that could take another six to eight months.

“I can't imagine how they think Republicans will be anything but amused by their attempts to corner us into producing a comprehensive alternative,” a senior Republican Senate aide said. “We've never supported a massive rewrite of the health care system.”

This GOP aide, who said that most public opinion polls support the Republican position, goes on to contend that “most Americans have undoubtedly lost their patience with Barack Obama promotional videos that produce nothing. But apparently the White House thinks they've got room for one more.”

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